VSuite: A suite of validations for your Java programs

VSuite is a project that aims at providing a set of generic static validations with Spoon. VSuite is provided as a set of Spoonlets (targeted to different kinds of validations) in order to be deployable and integrated into Eclipse. It can also be used in standalone mode.

At the moment, VSuite provides 2 Spoonlets:

  • Common contains a set of very generic validations on your programs such as the ones you can find given as examples in the SUN's Jackpot project, and more. For example: check that you document public elements, check that you handle exceptions (no empty catchs), etc.
  • Findbugs contains some of the low-level validations found in the well-known Findbugs project. For example: detect obviously wrong expressions or statements such as "i=i++;" and "if(a & 0) ...".

See the list of (Implemented tests).

This validation set is under development and will be extended fast (with Spoon, writing a new validation is usually quite simple). We welcome help and feedback.

Author and Contact Information

  • Renaud Pawlak (renaud_dot_pawlak_at_inria_dot_fr)
  • Nicolas Petitprez (petitpre_at_lifl_dot_fr)