This package contains some default implementations for commonly used processing tasks.

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  • Interface Summary
  • Class Summary
    This class implements a default core factory for Spoon's meta-model.
    Default behavior for the destination of the spoon.
    A processor that generates compilable Java source files from the meta-model.
    This processing manager applies the processors one by one from the given root element.
    This processing manager implements a blocking processing policy that consists of applying the processors in a FIFO order until no processors remain to be applied.
    This class provides a regular Java serialization-based implementation of the model streamer.
    This class implements a simple Spoon environment that reports messages in the standard output stream (Java-compliant).
  • Enum Summary
    Different types of compressions used, e.g.
    Enum for representing logging levels.
  • Exception Summary
    Spoon-specific ClassNotFoundException (mostly encapsulates a ClassNotFoundException or a NoClassDefFoundError as a runtime exception)
  • Annotation Types Summary
    Annotation Type
    Tells that a metamodel property is derived, ie computed from the value of another property.
    Tells that a type has recently been introduced and may be subject to non-backward compatible changes without deprecation.
    Tells that an element is not in the public API (even if it has Java visibility "public") Required because package-visibility is too coarse-grained.
    Tells that a metamodel property (ie a getter in metamodel interface) is unsettable because it does not make sense for a certain metamodel element.