Interface SpoonFolder

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All Known Implementing Classes:
FileSystemFolder, FilteringFolder, VirtualFolder, ZipFolder

public interface SpoonFolder extends SpoonResource
A Spoon resource that represents a folder.
  • Method Details

    • getFiles

      List<SpoonFile> getFiles()
      Gets all the files (excluding folders) in the folder.
    • getAllFiles

      List<SpoonFile> getAllFiles()
      Gets all the files (including folders) in the folder.
    • getAllJavaFiles

      List<SpoonFile> getAllJavaFiles()
      Gets all the Java source files in the folder.
    • getSubFolders

      List<SpoonFolder> getSubFolders()
      Gets the subfolders in this folder.
    • addFile

      void addFile(SpoonFile source)
      Adds a file in this folder
    • addFolder

      void addFolder(SpoonFolder source)
      Adds a sub folder in this folder