Interface CtCodeSnippet

All Known Subinterfaces:
CtCodeSnippetExpression<T>, CtCodeSnippetStatement
All Known Implementing Classes:
CtCodeSnippetExpressionImpl, CtCodeSnippetStatementImpl

public interface CtCodeSnippet
This interface represents snippets of source code that can be used in the AST to represent complex code without having to build the corresponding program model structure. It is mainly provided on simplification purpose in order to avoid having to build the program's model. Code snippets should be compiled to validate their contents and the result of the compilation should be used to replace the code snippet in the final AST.
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  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Gets the textual value of the code.
    <C extends CtCodeSnippet>
    setValue​(String value)
    Sets the textual value of the code.
  • Method Details

    • setValue

      <C extends CtCodeSnippet> C setValue(String value)
      Sets the textual value of the code.
    • getValue

      String getValue()
      Gets the textual value of the code.