Class CtPathStringBuilder

  • public class CtPathStringBuilder
    extends java.lang.Object
    Created by nicolas on 27/08/2015.
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      CtPath fromString​(java.lang.String pathStr)
      Build path from a string representation.
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      • CtPathStringBuilder

        public CtPathStringBuilder()
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      • fromString

        public CtPath fromString​(java.lang.String pathStr)
                          throws CtPathException
        Build path from a string representation. for example: new CtPathBuilder().fromString("[index=0]") Match the first statement of method foo from class spoon.test.path.Foo. Some specials characters . : match with the given name # : match with a CtPathRole / : match with a element type (for example, to match all classes, use /CtClass