Spoon in Maven and Gradle

You can find plugins for Maven and Gradle to run spoon on a target project.

Active projects using Spoon

Here are some active projects already using Spoon:

  • Spoon Visualisation: A JavaFX app for visualising the Spoon abstract syntax tree of Java code.
  • Spooet: A Spoon printer implemented with JavaPoet.
  • Metamutator: A muta-mutation tool for Java.
  • Astor: Evolutionary automatic software repair tool for Java.
  • Nopol: Automatic repair system developed at the University of Lille and Inria.
  • Gumtree Spoon AST diff: Computes the AST difference between two Spoon abstract syntax trees.
  • c2spoon: Loads C code as a Spoon model using srcml.
  • trebuchet: a Java to C++ transpiler
  • CoCoSpoon and CoCoSpoon-ui: Measuring and visualizing code coverage with Spoon
  • jmixer is an implementation of mixins for Java
  • syringe defines high-level transformation events
  • InspectorGuidget finds and repairs code smells in Java SWING/AWT/JavaFX GUI code
  • AutoJMH generates code for microbenchmarking with JMH
  • Java Call Hierarchy Printer prints a method call hierarchy in text format
  • Yours?

SpoonLabs is a Github group for centralizing all projects and experiments that use Spoon.

Old projects using Spoon

SpoonJDT provided an Eclipse plugin that allows for tight integration of Spoon within the Eclipse environment. With SpoonJDT, a set of validations and transformations packaged as a Spoonlet can occur on the fly and the reports are well-integrated into the Eclipse JDT.

SpoonLoader is A simple facade to load classes, modify their source code, recompile the changes, and execute the modified code at runtime (by Brett Daniel).

A previous maven plugin to run spoon on a target maven project was made by David Bernard (link to the project).