Interface CtArrayAccess<T,​E extends CtExpression<?>>

Type Parameters:
T - "Return" type of this access (not a array type)
E - Type of the target expression
All Superinterfaces:
Cloneable, CtCodeElement, CtElement, CtExpression<T>, CtQueryable, CtTargetedExpression<T,​E>, CtTypedElement<T>, CtVisitable, FactoryAccessor, Serializable, SourcePositionHolder, TemplateParameter<T>
All Known Subinterfaces:
CtArrayRead<T>, CtArrayWrite<T>
All Known Implementing Classes:
CtArrayAccessImpl, CtArrayReadImpl, CtArrayWriteImpl

public interface CtArrayAccess<T,​E extends CtExpression<?>> extends CtTargetedExpression<T,​E>
This code element defines a one-dimensional array access. When multi-dimensional, array accesses are applied to other one-dimensional array accesses. The target of CtTargetedExpression defines the expression that represents the accessed array.