Interface CtRHSReceiver<A>

All Known Subinterfaces:
CtAssignment<T,​A>, CtEnumValue<T>, CtField<T>, CtLocalVariable<T>, CtOperatorAssignment<T,​A>
All Known Implementing Classes:
CtAssignmentImpl, CtEnumValueImpl, CtFieldImpl, CtLocalVariableImpl, CtOperatorAssignmentImpl

public interface CtRHSReceiver<A>
Represents the right hand side of an assignment See CtAssignment, CtLocalVariable, CtField
  • Method Details

    • getAssignment

      CtExpression<A> getAssignment()
      Returns the right-hand side of the "=" operator.
    • setAssignment

      <T extends CtRHSReceiver<A>> T setAssignment(CtExpression<A> assignment)
      Sets the right-hand side expression (RHS) of the "=" operator.