Interface CtTypeAccess<A>

Type Parameters:
A - Access type of the expression.
All Superinterfaces:
Cloneable, CtCodeElement, CtElement, CtExpression<Void>, CtQueryable, CtTypedElement<Void>, CtVisitable, FactoryAccessor, Serializable, SourcePositionHolder, TemplateParameter<Void>
All Known Implementing Classes:

public interface CtTypeAccess<A> extends CtExpression<Void>
This code element represents a type reference usable as an expression. It is used in particular for static accesses, Java 8 method references, instanceof binary expressions and ".class".
     // access to static field ps = System.out;
     // call to static method
     // method reference
     java.util.function.Supplier p =
     // instanceof test
     boolean x = new Object() instanceof Integer // Integer is represented as an access to type Integer
     // fake field "class"
     Class x = Number.class