Class SourceFragmentContextNormal

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    public class SourceFragmentContextNormal
    extends java.lang.Object
    Knows how to print modified CtElement by the way that origin formatting is kept as much as possible. There are two streams of source fragments 1) stream of origin source fragments 2) stream of tokens produced by DefaultJavaPrettyPrinter in spaces between printing of child CtElements Note: some fragments are optional and some are mandatory. For example: <T> void method(T p); and after remove of type parameter and method parameter.... void method(); The type parameter brackets were removed, while parameter brackets are kept. Only DJPP knows whether it has to be displayed or not. So algorithm is like this:
    • print origin source token only after this token is printed by DJPP
    • if DJPP doesn't prints some token then the same token must be ignored in origin source code too
    Handling of spaces before and after tokens:
    • spaces belong to both surrounding elements. So they are printed only if both elements are printed
    • if the elements are moved, then spaces are moved together with the follow up element
    • if the elements E1 and E2 are separated by sequence of E1, Spaces1, Separator, Spaces2, E2 then Spaces1 belongs to E1 and Spaces2 belongs to element E2.
    • Field Detail

      • childFragments

        protected final java.util.List<SourceFragment> childFragments
      • childFragmentIdx

        protected int childFragmentIdx
      • separatorActions

        protected final java.util.List<java.lang.Runnable> separatorActions
    • Method Detail

      • update

        public int update​(PrinterEvent event)
        Description copied from interface: SourceFragmentPrinter
        Update the internal state of this printer for this event but does not print anything. Returns the index of the fragment corresponding to this event.
        Specified by:
        update in interface SourceFragmentPrinter
      • printSpaces

        protected void printSpaces​(int fromIndex,
                                   int fragmentIndex)
        Prints spaces before fragment with index `fragmentIndex`
        fragmentIndex - index of fragment whose prefix spaces has to be printed or -1 if origin source fragment was not found
      • isFragmentModified

        protected ModificationStatus isFragmentModified​(SourceFragment fragment)
        fragment -
        true if at least part of `fragment` is modified. false if whole `fragment` is not modified. ModificationStatus.UNKNOWN if it is not possible to detect it here. Then it will be detected later.
      • printOriginSpacesUntilFragmentIndex

        protected void printOriginSpacesUntilFragmentIndex​(int fromIndex,
                                                           int toIndex)
        Prints origin whitespaces including comments which prefixes the fragment on index `index`, starting with fragment on `fromIndex`
        fromIndex - index of first processed fragment
        toIndex - index of first not processed fragment.
      • setChildFragmentIdx

        protected void setChildFragmentIdx​(int idx)
        Remembers index of last processed fragment
        idx - index of last processed fragment
      • hasNextChildToken

        protected boolean hasNextChildToken()
        true if there is more child tokens to be processed. false if all tokens were processed
      • findIndexOfNextChildTokenByValue

        protected int findIndexOfNextChildTokenByValue​(java.lang.String token)
        looks for next child token which contains exactly same token
        token - String of searched token
        index of first same token or -1 if not found
      • findIndexOfNextChildTokenByType

        protected int findIndexOfNextChildTokenByType​(TokenType type)
        looks for next child token which contains expected token type
        type - TokenType of search token
        index of token with same type or -1 if not found
      • findIndexOfNextChildTokenOfRole

        protected int findIndexOfNextChildTokenOfRole​(int start,
                                                      CtRole role)
        looks for next child token which has role `role`
        role - CtRole of searched token
        index of first token with same role or -1 if not found
      • findIndexOfNextChildTokenOfElement

        protected int findIndexOfNextChildTokenOfElement​(SourcePositionHolder element)
        looks for next child token, which has element `element
        element - element of searched token
        index of first token with same element or -1 if not found
      • findIFragmentIndexCorrespondingToEvent

        protected int findIFragmentIndexCorrespondingToEvent​(PrinterEvent event)
        Looks for the child token which fits to PrinterEvent `event`
        event - PrinterEvent whose token it searches for
        index of first token which fits to PrinterEvent or -1 if not found
      • printStandardSpaces

        protected void printStandardSpaces()
        print all tokens, which represents white spaces and then forget them, so we can collect next white spaces