Interface CoreFactory

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    public interface CoreFactory
    This interface defines the core creation methods for the meta-model (to be implemented so that Spoon can manipulate other meta-model implementations).

    Important: a required post-condition for all the created elements is that the factory (see FactoryAccessor.getFactory()) is correctly initialized with the main factory returned by getMainFactory(), which cannot be null.

    • Method Detail

      • clone

        <T extends CtElement> T clone​(T element)
        Recursively clones a given element of the metamodel and all its child elements.
        Type Parameters:
        T - the element's type
        element - the element
        a clone of element
        See Also:
      • createAnnotation

        <A extends java.lang.annotation.Annotation> CtAnnotation<A> createAnnotation()
        Creates an annotation.
      • createAnnotationType

        <T extends java.lang.annotation.Annotation> CtAnnotationType<T> createAnnotationType()
        Creates an annotation type.
      • createAnonymousExecutable

        CtAnonymousExecutable createAnonymousExecutable()
        Creates an anonymous executable.
      • createArrayRead

        <T> CtArrayRead<T> createArrayRead()
        Creates an array read access expression.
      • createArrayWrite

        <T> CtArrayWrite<T> createArrayWrite()
        Creates an array write access expression.
      • createArrayTypeReference

        <T> CtArrayTypeReference<T> createArrayTypeReference()
        Creates an array type reference.
      • createAssert

        <T> CtAssert<T> createAssert()
        Creates an assert statement.
      • createAssignment

        <T,​A extends T> CtAssignment<T,​A> createAssignment()
        Creates an assignment expression.
      • createBinaryOperator

        <T> CtBinaryOperator<T> createBinaryOperator()
        Creates a binary operator.
      • createBlock

        <R> CtBlock<R> createBlock()
        Creates a block.
      • createBreak

        CtBreak createBreak()
        Creates a break statement.
      • createCase

        <S> CtCase<S> createCase()
        Creates a case clause.
      • createCatch

        CtCatch createCatch()
        Creates a catch clause.
      • createClass

        <T> CtClass<T> createClass()
        Creates a class.
      • createTypeParameter

        CtTypeParameter createTypeParameter()
        Creates a type parameter declaration.
      • createConditional

        <T> CtConditional<T> createConditional()
        Creates a conditional expression (boolExpr?ifTrue:ifFalse).
      • createConstructor

        <T> CtConstructor<T> createConstructor()
        Creates a constructor.
      • createInvisibleArrayConstructor

        <T> CtConstructor<T> createInvisibleArrayConstructor()
        Creates an invisible array constructor.
      • createContinue

        CtContinue createContinue()
        Creates a continue statement.
      • createDo

        CtDo createDo()
        Creates a do loop.
      • createEnum

        <T extends java.lang.Enum<?>> CtEnum<T> createEnum()
        Creates an enum.
      • createExecutableReference

        <T> CtExecutableReference<T> createExecutableReference()
        Creates an executable reference.
      • createField

        <T> CtField<T> createField()
        Creates a field.
      • createEnumValue

        <T> CtEnumValue<T> createEnumValue()
        Creates an enum value.
      • createFieldRead

        <T> CtFieldRead<T> createFieldRead()
        Creates a field read access.
      • createFieldWrite

        <T> CtFieldWrite<T> createFieldWrite()
        Creates a field write access.
      • createThisAccess

        <T> CtThisAccess<T> createThisAccess()
        Creates an access expression to this.
      • createSuperAccess

        <T> CtSuperAccess<T> createSuperAccess()
        Creates an access expression to super.
      • createFieldReference

        <T> CtFieldReference<T> createFieldReference()
        Creates a field reference.
      • createFor

        CtFor createFor()
        Creates a for loop.
      • createForEach

        CtForEach createForEach()
        Creates a foreach loop.
      • createIf

        CtIf createIf()
        Creates an if statement.
      • createInterface

        <T> CtInterface<T> createInterface()
        Creates an interface.
      • createInvocation

        <T> CtInvocation<T> createInvocation()
        Creates an invocation expression.
      • createLiteral

        <T> CtLiteral<T> createLiteral()
        Creates a literal expression.
      • createLocalVariable

        <T> CtLocalVariable<T> createLocalVariable()
        Creates a local variable declaration statement.
      • createLocalVariableReference

        <T> CtLocalVariableReference<T> createLocalVariableReference()
        Creates a local variable reference.
      • createCatchVariable

        <T> CtCatchVariable<T> createCatchVariable()
        Creates a catch variable declaration statement.
      • createCatchVariableReference

        <T> CtCatchVariableReference<T> createCatchVariableReference()
        Creates a catch variable reference.
      • createMethod

        <T> CtMethod<T> createMethod()
        Creates a method.
      • createAnnotationMethod

        <T> CtAnnotationMethod<T> createAnnotationMethod()
        Creates an annotation method.
      • createNewArray

        <T> CtNewArray<T> createNewArray()
        Creates a new array expression.
      • createConstructorCall

        <T> CtConstructorCall<T> createConstructorCall()
        Creates a constructor call expression. Example to build "new Foo()":
             CtConstructorCall call = spoon.getFactory().Core().createConstructorCall();
      • createNewClass

        <T> CtNewClass<T> createNewClass()
        Creates a new anonymous class expression.
      • createLambda

        <T> CtLambda<T> createLambda()
        Creates a new anonymous method expression.
      • createOperatorAssignment

        <T,​A extends T> CtOperatorAssignment<T,​A> createOperatorAssignment()
        Creates a new operator assignment (like +=).
      • createPackage

        CtPackage createPackage()
        Creates a package.
      • createPackageReference

        CtPackageReference createPackageReference()
        Creates a package reference.
      • createParameter

        <T> CtParameter<T> createParameter()
        Creates a parameter.
      • createParameterReference

        <T> CtParameterReference<T> createParameterReference()
        Creates a parameter reference.
      • createReturn

        <R> CtReturn<R> createReturn()
        Creates a return statement.
      • createSourcePosition

        SourcePosition createSourcePosition​(CompilationUnit compilationUnit,
                                            int startSource,
                                            int end,
                                            int[] lineSeparatorPositions)
        Creates a source position.
      • createPartialSourcePosition

        SourcePosition createPartialSourcePosition​(CompilationUnit compilationUnit)
        Creates a source position that points to the given compilation unit
      • createCompoundSourcePosition

        CompoundSourcePosition createCompoundSourcePosition​(CompilationUnit compilationUnit,
                                                            int startSource,
                                                            int end,
                                                            int declarationStart,
                                                            int declarationEnd,
                                                            int[] lineSeparatorPositions)
        Creates a compound source position.
      • createDeclarationSourcePosition

        DeclarationSourcePosition createDeclarationSourcePosition​(CompilationUnit compilationUnit,
                                                                  int startSource,
                                                                  int end,
                                                                  int modifierStart,
                                                                  int modifierEnd,
                                                                  int declarationStart,
                                                                  int declarationEnd,
                                                                  int[] lineSeparatorPositions)
        Creates a declaration source position.
      • createBodyHolderSourcePosition

        BodyHolderSourcePosition createBodyHolderSourcePosition​(CompilationUnit compilationUnit,
                                                                int nameSource,
                                                                int nameEnd,
                                                                int modifierStart,
                                                                int modifierEnd,
                                                                int declarationStart,
                                                                int declarationEnd,
                                                                int bodyStart,
                                                                int bodyEnd,
                                                                int[] lineSeparatorPositions)
        Creates a body holder source position.
      • createStatementList

        <R> CtStatementList createStatementList()
        Creates a statement list.
      • createSwitch

        <S> CtSwitch<S> createSwitch()
        Creates a switch statement.
      • createSwitchExpression

        <T,​S> CtSwitchExpression<T,​S> createSwitchExpression()
        Creates a switch expression.
      • createSynchronized

        CtSynchronized createSynchronized()
        Creates a synchronized statement.
      • createThrow

        CtThrow createThrow()
        Creates a throw statement.
      • createTry

        CtTry createTry()
        Creates a try block.
      • createTryWithResource

        CtTryWithResource createTryWithResource()
        Creates a try with resource block.
      • createTypeParameterReference

        CtTypeParameterReference createTypeParameterReference()
        Creates a type parameter reference.
      • createWildcardReference

        CtWildcardReference createWildcardReference()
        Creates a wildcard reference.
      • createIntersectionTypeReference

        <T> CtIntersectionTypeReference<T> createIntersectionTypeReference()
        Creates an intersection type reference.
      • createTypeReference

        <T> CtTypeReference<T> createTypeReference()
        Creates a type reference.
      • createTypeAccess

        <T> CtTypeAccess<T> createTypeAccess()
        Creates a type access expression.
      • createUnaryOperator

        <T> CtUnaryOperator<T> createUnaryOperator()
        Creates a unary operator expression.
      • createVariableRead

        <T> CtVariableRead<T> createVariableRead()
        Creates a variable read expression.
      • createVariableWrite

        <T> CtVariableWrite<T> createVariableWrite()
        Creates a variable write expression.
      • createWhile

        CtWhile createWhile()
        Creates a while loop.
      • createCodeSnippetExpression

        <T> CtCodeSnippetExpression<T> createCodeSnippetExpression()
        Creates a code snippet expression.
      • createCodeSnippetStatement

        CtCodeSnippetStatement createCodeSnippetStatement()
        Creates a code snippet statement.
      • createComment

        CtComment createComment()
        Creates a comment.
      • createJavaDoc

        CtJavaDoc createJavaDoc()
        Creates a javadoc comment.
      • createJavaDocTag

        CtJavaDocTag createJavaDocTag()
        Creates a javadoc tag.
      • createImport

        CtImport createImport()
        Creates an import.
      • createUnresolvedImport

        CtImport createUnresolvedImport()
        Creates an unresolved import. CtUnresolvedImport stores the original content of the imort as a String in order to be able to restituate it when pretty printing.
      • createPackageDeclaration

        CtPackageDeclaration createPackageDeclaration()
        Creates a package declaration.
      • getMainFactory

        Factory getMainFactory()
        Gets the main factory of that core factory (cannot be null).
      • setMainFactory

        void setMainFactory​(Factory mainFactory)
        Sets the main factory of that core factory.
      • createCompilationUnit

        CompilationUnit createCompilationUnit()
        Creates a compilation unit.
      • createAnnotationFieldAccess

        <T> CtAnnotationFieldAccess<T> createAnnotationFieldAccess()
        Create an access to annotation value
      • createUnboundVariableReference

        <T> CtUnboundVariableReference<T> createUnboundVariableReference()
        Creates an unbound variable used in noclasspath.
      • create

        CtElement create​(java.lang.Class<? extends CtElement> klass)
        Creates an instance of the concrete metamodel class given as parameter. This is in particular useful when one uses reflection.
      • createTypeMemberWildcardImportReference

        CtTypeMemberWildcardImportReference createTypeMemberWildcardImportReference()
        Create a wildcard reference to a type member, used in a static import
      • createModule

        CtModule createModule()
        Creates a Java 9 module
      • createModuleReference

        CtModuleReference createModuleReference()
        Creates a reference to a Java 9 module
      • createModuleRequirement

        CtModuleRequirement createModuleRequirement()
        Creates a "requires" directive for a Java 9 module file
      • createPackageExport

        CtPackageExport createPackageExport()
        Creates a "export" directive for a Java 9 module file
      • createProvidedService

        CtProvidedService createProvidedService()
        Creates a "provides" directive for a Java 9 module file
      • createUsedService

        CtUsedService createUsedService()
        Creates a "uses" directive for a Java 9 module file
      • createYieldStatement

        CtYieldStatement createYieldStatement()
        Creates a yield statement
      • createTextBlock

        CtTextBlock createTextBlock()
        Creates a TextBlock String Literal
      • createTypePattern

        CtTypePattern createTypePattern()
        Creates a Type Pattern
        a new Type Pattern instance.
      • createRecord

        CtRecord createRecord()
        Creates a record.
        the created record.
      • createRecordComponent

        CtRecordComponent createRecordComponent()
        Creates a record component.
        the created record component.