Class CtScanner

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AstParentConsistencyChecker, CloneVisitor, CtBFSIterator, CtDequeScanner, CtIterator, EarlyTerminatingScanner, ImportScannerImpl, InlinePartialEvaluator, MethodInvocationSearch, ModelConsistencyChecker, ProcessingVisitor, ReplacementVisitor, SignaturePrinter, SpoonifierVisitor, SpoonTreeBuilder, TypeReferenceScanner, VariableReferenceFunction.Visitor, VariableScopeFunction.Visitor, VisitorPartialEvaluator

public abstract class CtScanner extends Object implements CtVisitor
This visitor implements a deep-search scan on the model. Ensures that all children nodes are visited once, a visit means three method calls, one call to "enter", one call to "exit" and one call to scan. Is used by the processing and filtering engine.