Uses of Interface

Packages that use CtType
This root package provides the default integrated launchers for Spoon program processing.
Ready to go meta? This package contains classes that model the Spoon metamodel itself.
This package defines the Spoon's compile-time meta-model of Java programs.
This package contains the meta-model part that models the declarations (program's structures such as classes, fields, etc).
This package defines all the sub-factories for the Spoon meta-model.
This package defines the references to program elements for the meta-model.
This package defines visitor, scanner, and scanner-based query API for Java programs reified in the meta-model.
This package contains a set of useful filters when querying the model.
This package contains some default implementations for commonly used processing tasks.
This package provides support for the sniper mode: only the transformed part of classes is rewritten to disk.
This package defines a framework for well-typed pure-Java templates.